Youth Forum "Think Forward"


Identity and the City is a five year program that aims to support artists and creative thinkers at different career stages. With the aim of getting them out of their creative isolation and connecting them to their respective cities, in a manner that helps them create  forms of sustainable social intervention. The overall goal of the project is to create an active community of thinkers who are capable of formulating initiatives and working for social change. We invest in, and use various tools including workshops, training seminars, and networking activities, to activate and incubate these initiatives in a center which will be called “ The Hub”. 

To launch the project of “The Hub”, we are hosting a Youth Forum entitled "Think Forward".  As one of Karama HRFF’s parallel activities, we seek to provide a platform for the formation of networks and collectives amongst Jordan based thinkers, activists, cultural managers and artists.  

We are focusing on collectives and groups who have built, or are still in the process of building, socially driven community-based initiatives. In order to deepen interdisciplinary research and hybrid intellectual design, we will work with them in order to find ideal solutions to ensure the sustainability of these projects and expand their impact in local communities.