Karama HRFF 3rd Edition

Karama Human Rights Film Festival (KHRFF) 2012 is launching its KHRFF-3 vision towards a synthesis of the events that have taken place in the Arab world in the past two years. In 2010 with the birth of KHRFF, the Karama team sought to provide general knowledge and consciousness around human rights issues and create a platform to openly discuss them. In 2011 the year of the Arab Spring, Karama worked to not only show the actions that took place across the Arab World, through film, art and music, but to discuss and critically analyze this pivotal moment in Arab history. Now, in 2012 Karama seeks to create a platform that brings together films and discussions around knowledge and actions of human rights issues as well as films and discussions that take a step back and starts the process of thinking, contemplating and envisioning proactive steps towards a dignified world that protects our human rights.
Know . . . Act . . . Think
Know … Think … Act
In line with KHRFF-3’s vision, we are presenting 40 films from across the globe including shorts from Jordan and the region. From films that address the ongoing revolutions in the Arab world and human rights advocacy, to those that look at the continuous human rights violations taking place across the globe.