Karama HRFF 2nd Edition

The Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2011 set out to tackle the year of Arab unrest and awakening. What was largely on the KARAMA team’s mind was how to understand this year’s events, how to envision the future, and how to tap into a medium that had also become – albeit crudely and in many forms– a citizen’s weapon against oppression.
The theme that Karama ultimately chose – Change – was made in recognition of the Arab movements and its growing awareness of the need to change course towards dignified, egalitarian lives where basic human rights can be met unhindered. Along with the support of several distinguished guests and supporters, Karama ran with the option of a full agenda, full throttle ahead, replete with widespread discussions, problematic topics, youth gatherings, and a strong focus on history, the present and the future. Karama selected 45 films from all over the world including shorts from Jordan. The bulk of which came from South America, North Africa and the Middle East.