Karama HRFF 14th Edition: Special Edition - Gaza - Palestine

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The Karama Human Rights Film Festival, organized by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory, announced the launch of its activities for the year 2023. The 14th Edition took place from 5 to 12 December 2023.

The 14th edition of Karama HRFF was more than just another installment; it served as a special tribute to Gaza - Palestine — a city of heroism and its steadfast people. Through their past suffering, sacrifice, and resistance, they illuminated the authentic values of freedom and dignity for the world to witness.

We firmly believe that Palestine is, once again, evolving into the moral compass for the collective aspirations of a just and free world, where human dignity and lives, regardless of race or ethnicity, take precedence. This special edition, titled "Palestine," serves as a protest and a demonstration of solidarity with one of the most just causes in our modern history.

The ongoing systematic genocide faced by the Palestinian people, coupled with the relentless atrocities perpetrated by the occupation army and militia settlers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, compels both us and civil society to confront our human, moral, and intellectual responsibilities in revisiting the Palestine question.

Gaza, a confined space housing 2.2 million individuals, endures brutal collective punishment orchestrated by the Israeli army, with unwavering support from Western powers providing political, media, and military cover. Gaza symbolizes the moral struggle reshaping the Global South's narrative against supremacist and post-colonial powers, challenging collective human values like never before.