15 min | France, Ghana | 2022


Set in a small Ghanaian town at the edge of a large landfill site that spills into the ocean, the sons of a fisherman, Sowah and Okai, struggle to cope with loss of their eldest brother who drowned during a fishing expedition. Haunted by his demise, Okai believes their brother is still out there…

Director: Amartei Armar

The product of a Ghanaian father and an American mother, Amartei Armar is a writer/director who gravitates towards topics surrounding identity, immigration, and the human need to feel a sense of belonging having spent most of his life moving back and forth between the two countries and cultures. After studying cinema in Canada, he directed several short films, notably in Ghana. Tsutsué was selected for the Cannes Film Festival official competition in 2022. He is currently developing his first feature film, Vagabonds, following on from the eponymous short film he wrote and directed in 2018.

Writers: Amartei Armar | Producers: Sébastien Hussenot, Yemoh Ike | Editing: Nobuo Coste, Nicolas Milteau | DOP: Fiifi Mensah, Joy Williams | Sound: Stéphane Rives, Jan Vysocky | Music: Jan Vysocky | Language: Ga | Subtitles: English, Arabic