Kiruna – A Brand New World

87 min | Czech Republic | 2019


Located more than 200 km above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna is built on the world’s largest and most modern iron ore mining tunnel, which created a significant income for the Swedish government. However, due to the mining the city has started to collapse and in order to save the industry, the city council together with the mining company LKAB have decided to move the town and its citizens 3 kilometers to the east. In doing so, the town has turned a potential disaster into a great opportunity. The new Kiruna will be an even more progressive, even better society for the future. But is it even possible to plan an ideal world?

Directors: Greta Stocklassa

Bio: Greta was born in 1993 in Opočno, Czech Republic, from Czech-Swedish family. she lived in Prague, then moved to Stockholm with her family in 2005. In 2013 she started studying in Prague at the documentary department FAMU. Identity is the main theme through her films. Her “The Still Life of Vera” was premiered at Short Joy at IDFF Jihlava and screened at Vision du Reel, Neisse Film Fest or DOK.Fest München. In 2015 she made it to the short list of student film prize Magnesia Award (Czech Lions). She works with stylization and fine formal visualization. Her films are at the edge of document, fiction and experiment.


Writers: Greta Stocklassa | Producers: Veronika Kührová, Michal Kráčmer | Editing: Hana Dvořáčková | DOP: Stanislav Adam | Sound: Pavel Jan | Music: Pavel Jan | Language: Arabic, Swedish, Sami | Subtitles: English, Arabic