Closed to the Light

11 min | Italy | 2021

The film freezes in time the terrible tragedy of an execution that took place in Italy in the summer of 1944, to the detriment of innocent peasants. An articulated long shot in which everything is still and everything changes.

Directors: Nicola Piovesan

Nicola Piovesan was born in Venice, Italy, on the 1st of April, 1979. He graduated in Cinema in 2004, at Bologna University. As a filmmaker, he won more than 70 awards in hundreds of festivals worldwide, directing short films, animations, documentaries and music videos. He’s also a teacher of Cinema, and taught for 3 years in a high school near Milan and for a semester at the Baltic Film School in Tallinn. Since 2013 he lives in Estonia, working as a freelancer with many customers worldwide

Writers: Nicola Piovesan | Producers: Nicola Piovesan | Editing: Nicola Piovesan | DOP: Rui Dias | Sound: Anecoia Collective | Music: Roberto Salahaddin Re David | Language: No Dialogue