8 min | Denmark | 2021

“BusLine35A” is a dark comedy following three passengers as they ride a city bus. Each one of them, stuck in their own world of idles and fears, fail to assist a young teenage girl being harassed in the back seat.

Directors: Elena Felici

Elena Felici is a filmmaker from Bozen, Italy. She graduated with a Bachelor in Animation from The Animation Workshop, where she focused on cinematography, CG animation and pondering about life


Writers: Elena Felici | Producers: Nina Joy Andersen | Animation: Anna Bonnen, Erika Grace Strada, Elena Felici, Gertrud Naja Hjorth | Editing: Elena Felici | Sound: Andrea Martignoni | Music: Thomas Richard Christensen, Uriel Kranot, Rasmus Bøgelund | Language: English |Subtitles: Arabic