The First Look

The Covid emergency lockdown is in effect, and the thirty-year-old Mattia goes through quarantine alone, in his countryside cottage. Mostly he sleeps and plays video games, with no consideration for the fate of the world. A noise that comes from the valley attracts his attention. Beyond the fronds of his garden, he discovers a view of a house and a family of neighbors that he had never noticed: father, mother, and a little girl of about nine, in what appears to be a happy picture. Yet Mattia gets the idea that the family is hiding something, because he sees that the little girl is behaving strangely. She seems devoid of vitality. Therefore in the following days, the man returns to observe the family in secret. Armed with a camera, he sneaks shots of their everyday life, collecting more and more disturbing details about what really happens in that big house. Until looking from afar is no longer enough. And Mattia will have to act.

15 minutes | Italy | 2021

Directors: Jacopo Manzari

Born in San Marino, he studied as an actor and screenwriter between Milan and Los Angeles where he met Peter Flood (creative consultant Disney, Universal, Paramount and Miramax) with whom he studied the techniques of screenwriting.

Later he moved to Rome where with Alessandro Nicolò he wrote the episodes of "Fino all'ultima goccia", of which he subsequently shot a Teaser with actors such as Ivano Marescotti, Valentina Corti, Christian Ginepro; Christian Iansante and Nicola Nocella.

In 2017 he wrote and directed his first short film, entitled "Shalim Goodbye", a short film starring Paolo Graziosi and Ahmed Hafiene. Shalim Goodbye wins 14 international awards and gets nearly forty official selections at festivals around the world

Writers: Jacopo Manzari, Alessandro Nicolò | Producers: Riccardo Barone, Dario Di Mella, Daniel Bollini, Miguel Gatti | Editing: Jacopo Manzari | D.O.P: Dario Di Mella | Sound: Filippo Moretti, Enrico Zavatta | Music: Alessandro Pari | Language: Italian | subtitles: English + Arabic