Sometime we all will be happy


The ginger-haired girl Masha has been special since childhood. Her mother did not approve her strange behavior and their relationship went wrong. Now Masha is in high school, and her mother works as a cleaner in the same school. Masha wants to be friends with cool classmates, but the girls don't like the gloomy cleaning lady and start bullying her. Masha needs to choose.


24min | Russia | 2021


Directors: Ekaterina Saunina

Ekaterina was born in the town of Kineshma, Russia. Since childhood, she loved creativity: dancing, music, drawing, poetry. After successful graduating from the faculty of foreign languages and literature at the University, Ekaterina moved to Moscow, where she became interested in cinema and started her director's path.

Writers:  Ekaterina Saunina | Producers: Ekaterina Saunina | Editing: Ekaterina Saunina, Egor Chinilin | D.O.P: Egor Chinilin | Sound: Anton Karpov | Music: Anton Karpov, Artyom Syrovegin | Language: Russian | subtitles: English + Arabic