Premium Baby


In a near future, a couple enters a shop to buy a baby.

France, Canada | 2019 | 12min


Directors: Jeanne Signé

Jeanne Signé is a French film director and film editor. She graduated in 2010 from the Royal Holloway University of London (United Kingdom).
As a director, Jeanne Signé was awarded the Paris Young Talents Prize for Visual Arts by the Mairie de Paris for her first short film « Je te reconnais bien là ». In 2018, she directed the experimental short « Lalin » in Haïti. Her latest film « Mini Moi » is adapted from a theatre play and produced by the Studio Off-Courts (France) and Spira (Quebec). It was broadcasted on French National Television. 

 Writers:  Nicolas Haudelaine, Jeanne Signé | Producers: Samuel Prat / Studio Off-Courts, Emilie Moreault / Studio Off-Courts, Catherine Benoît / Spira | Editing: Giulia Rodino | D.O.P: Antoine Waterkeyn | Sound: Matthis Goldfain | Music: Jules Matton, Edouard Pons | Language: French | subtitles: English, Arabic