An ordinary school day told through the eyes of a seven-year-old boy: made up of games, fun classes, happy meals, and going home. An ordinary day that vanishes into the blue, like the denied dream of the young protagonist.


10min | Italy | 2021



Gisella Gobbi (Grenchen, 25-09-1959) worked as second Unit Director, assistant director and casting director for RAI (Radiotelevisione italiana). She also is a director of theatrical productions.

Aiuto Regista e Casting director per diverse produzioni Palomar, Fandango, Mediaset. Regista seconda unità Braccialetti Rossi, Regista seconda unità per l'Isola serie tv rai, Regista per diverse produzioni teatrali.


Second Unit Director or Assistant Director | Casting Director

Director 2nd Unit Braccialetti Rossi RAI

Director L'Isola 2nd Unit serie TV RAI

Director for theatrical production


Writers:  GISELLA GOBBI | Producers: OZ FILM | Editing: Andrea Facchini | D.O.P: Marco Carosi | Sound: IVAN CASO | Music: Luca Amitrano | Language: Italian | subtitles: Arabic + English