La Bestia


A young mexican smuggler and a little girl travel illegally on top of a cargo train, called La Bestia, to get to the USA.An injury transforms his perception of the journey.


7min | France | 2021


Directors: Marlijn van Nuenen, Ram Tamez, Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt

Marlijn van Nuenen

Dutch 2D/3D animator that loves to tell stories through film. Advocate for more diverse animated stories and firm believer animation should be considered as an artform, not a medium.

Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt

Visual storyteller from India, loves exploring visual styles that helps elevate the story in its narration.

Ram Tamez

Mexican 2D animation filmmaker living in Paris, with a tremendous love for storytelling and cinema, but also with a good understanding of the care and planning that animation requires to exist.


Writers:  Marlijn VAN NUENEN, Ram TAMEZ, Alfredo Gerard KUTTIKATT | Producers: Moïra Marguin | Sound: Cédric Denooz | Music: Thomas Pironneau | Language: Spanish | subtitles: Arabic + English