Joanna Quinn - Animation Committee

Joanna discovered animation at Middlesex University London while studying for a  BA degree in Graphic Design. Her graduation film Girls Night Out, a brilliantly simple and humourous riposte to machismo and a celebration of uninhibited female sexuality, introduced audiences to the character of Beryl and kick started Joanna’s animation career by winning 3 major awards at Annecy. The uniquely memorable character of Beryl became the focus for two more films Body Beautiful and Family Ties. Her masterpiece is Britannia, a savage indictment of British imperialism. Joanna’s films have won many international awards, including Baftas, Emmys and 2 Oscar nominations. Joanna is a committed educator and is an Honorary Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London and University of Wales and Honorary Doctor at Middlesex University, London and the University of Wolverhampton.