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When a young Palestinian woman tries to claim asylum in the UK, she faces the indifference of British bureaucracy and the disillusionment of a Polish asylum officer on the verge of leaving the country for good.


14min | United Kingdom | 2021


Directors: Razan Madhoon

Razan Madhoon is originally from Gaza, Palestine. She holds a BA (Journalism) from the Islamic University of Gaza, and supported by a Chevening Scholarship in 2015, an MA (Film Directing) from Screen Academy Scotland.

Razan graduated with her MA in 2016 and has since claimed asylum and right to remain in the UK with her family. Previously Razan lived and worked in Palestine as a TV reporter.


Writers:  Razan Madhoon | Producers: Paul Welsh, David Jack | Editing: Martin Allison | D.O.P: Julian Schwanitz | Sound: Jaime Sotelo | Language: Arabic, English, Polish | subtitles: ِArabic