Absurd comedy about a lonely man (Frank Lammers) who lives inside a cuckoo clock. Every hour he straps himself into his ejection seat and shoots through the doors of the clock. "Cuckoo!" He yells, "Cuckoo!" His work is of vital importance. The old lady who sits under the clock needs to take her medication exactly at the top of every hour. One day the man has the opportunity to win a substantial sum of money in a radio quiz. He loves gadgets and wants to buy a new computer. The only problem is that he can only dial in at the exact time he’s supposed to sit in his seat.


8min | Netherlands | 2019


Directors: Jörgen Scholtens

Jörgen Scholtens (Leeuwarden, 15-10-1986) is an actor and movie director from the Netherlands. He started his professional acting career when he was only 19 years old. After five years of acting in different Dutch movies and television shows he gathered a film crew to make his first short movie. With Success! In 2018 Jörgen won the 48 hour film project in three different cities . His film 'Masterclass' was announced as one of the best 48 hour-films worldwide in 2018. Therefore "Masterclass" was screened at the Cannes Festival in 2019 . In 2019 he made his first film with a fair budget. This resulted in the film "KOEKOEK!/CUCKOO!". "CUCKOO!" was selected in the Dutch Film festival as one of the best debut films.


Writers:  Jörgen Scholtens, Pepijn van Weeren | Producers: Jörgen Scholtens, Jimmy Groeneveld | Editing: Maarten in 't Hout | D.O.P: Richard Spierings | Sound: Rudy Mackay | Music: Pieter Vonk | Language: Dutch | subtitles: English + Arabic