Ashraf Hamzawi - Animation Committee

Born: 1964 Holds: Bachelor’s degree at the Higher Institute of Cinema - Department of Animation 1989. As an Animator, he joined IAT during his university studies, where he had the opportunity to be among the first class to study digital arts and use them practically in his work, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Othman.
He worked in the company as a designer and 3D animator, having the opportunity to learn the most advanced techniques under the mentorship of the German Expert Sommer Oliver. He designed and developed the general shape of some magazines and advertising publications, along with 3D animation and visual effects for Empire Studios wherein he brought Many creative’s visions to life, such as Ahmed Al-Manawishi and Muhammad Hamdallah. He participated in the dramas and films of great directors such as Daoud Abdel Sayed, Yousry Nasrallah, Sherif Arafa, Muhammad Khan, Samir Seif, Muhammad Abu Seif, Osama Fawzy and Marwan Hamed. He participated in many works such as: One Thousand and One Nights - Al-Nazir movie - Ibn Ezz movie - Abboud on the Borders - Great China Bean - Uncle's Children - Al Jazeera 1 and Al Jazeera 2 - Treasure, the movie 1, 2 - Tell us Shahrazad - Garden of fish - Unbelievable abilities Ordinary - in natural colors - the brain was awake - Ibrahim Al-Abyad - His Excellency the Minister - Sadat's Days and the critical moments series - Raya and Sakina - Surprise - Asia - Fire of his friend.