Adeline Le Dantec - Fiction Committee

After seven years of experience in broadcasting and distribution: at the Coordination European Film Festival, then at the Brest European Court Film Festival, she moved towards production from 2007. Within Paris-Brest productions, she participated in the production of around 15 short fiction films and some documentaries. It was from 2009 that she started producing, first in Paris-Brest, then with various production companies in Brittany. in April 2014 she established "Les 48 ° Roaring productions” with two associated producers: Anthony Quéré and Mael Cabaret in Brest. Supporting unique stories, which convey a vision of our company, fictions as well as documentaries, from here and elsewhere.
Over the past seven years, the company produced some twenty films, which have had success in festivals and TV broadcasts on regional and national channels. In particular "I les Aime Tous” by Guillaume Kozakiewiez (2016),“ My Family between two Lands ”by Nadja Harek (2015) or “La Bobine 11004” by Mirabelle Fréville (2020). Attentive to emerging talents, they are currently developing a feature film of fiction, a TV series of fiction and several international documentary projects.