The Last Tape

Written and Directed: Hani Sami  DoP: Tristan Deboise  Music: Adham Zidan  Editor: Mais Darwazeh  Cast: Tarek El Dweiry, Karim Kassem, Sara Abdel Rahman, Alaa Abdel Latif.

Alone in his room, the old man listens to long forgotten memories and recalls his past loves. When he stumbles upon her story, his frail reality disintegrates, and the memory of a distant past surfaces and becomes his present tense.

Director's Bio:
Hani Sami holds a B.A. in Theatre from the American university in Cairo and a M.A. in Filmmaking from l’École Nationale Supérieur d’Audiovisuel -Université Toulouse II Jean-Jaurès in France. He is a published poet, a lyricist and a film critic. He taught film classes، conducted workshops for actors and ran the Jesuit Film School in Cairo. He directed many plays among which The Auction and The Newcomer both written by Mikhail Ruman and Celebration and Party Time by Harold Pinter. His latest performance Mind, the Gap got the support of the European commission. It toured in London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Marseilles after being created in anartistic residency in Cologne and premiering in Cairo. He wrote and directed a few short films among which You Can Never Get Me, Do not Cry Wael, City and the Beast and Last Tape. He is currently developing the scenario of Taste of Homes, his first feature film which was selected by Meditalents screenwriting Lab in 2019.