String Ball

The pictures taken by photographers always play the role of witness create memories and draw attention to
the horrors and terrorism the conflict creates but certain images have had an impact on the world and
play a special individual role during the turnover of wars these scenes reflect the suffering of children and
the hideous images of wars and armed conflicts they remain in the memory of humanity is an indelible

Director's Bio:

She was born on October 29, 1975. She began her artistic career in painting and animation. For her PhD project, she directed the animated film "A Color Story" 2D, produced in 2009, with a duration of 5 minutes 40 seconds. Then she directed the movie "You Can Say (No)", the result of an animation workshop (Cut out) with the Minya Experimental Language School, production of 2017 AD - Duration 2: 26 BC, which participated in the eleventh Cairo International Animation Festival. Then she directed the movie "Colors and Music", an animated film cutout - production 2018 AD - duration 2:54 BC - participated in the eleventh Cairo International Animation Festival. She also directed the film "Dreams Frame", an animated film 2D - production 2018 AD - duration 2:35 - participated in the Tire International Film Festival for Short Films - Seventh Edition 2020 - Lebanon, and also participated in the ACCRA Animation Festival in Ghana 2020.