Short Fiction Films Award Jury Member

Tareq Abu-Lughod:                      


Tareq Abu-Lughod graduated from Boston University in 1996 with a degree in Broadcasting & Film.

He is the founder and CEO of Arab Media Network - a diverse media and entertainment company based in Amman, Jordan (established in 2000).

Arab Media Network owns and operates multiple media ventures:

 (1) AL Studios -                  A TV production and distribution company

 (2) Mazaj FM -                   A contemporary Arabic music and entertainment station

 (3) Radio Dahab -             A classical Arabic music station 

 (4) Istikana -                       An Arabic S-VOD platform focussed on providing Arabic films and TV Shows

 (5) Filmstan -                      A film production, distribution and exhibition unit

 (6) Pro VO -                         A digital platform that showcases professional VO artists