Railway Men

Director: Erige Sehiri  Production Companies: Nomadis Images and Les Films de Zayna  Producer: Lina Sha’ban Manzali  Cast: Nabi Houji, Ahmed Mourad Khanfir, Afef Mokbli, Issameddine Fitati, Khaled Gharbi

Railway Men is a road movie that draws a portrait of Tunisian railway men and women. Driving the old locomotive, the protagonists of the Railway Men defend their own choices despite the risks. By denouncing incompetence and corruption, this film celebrates dignity, hope and resilience.

Director's Bio:
Erige Sehiri is a Tunisian-French film director, producer and journalist who was born in France in 1982 and travelled to Canada at the age of 19 to study Business Administration, soon afterwards she dipped her toes into filmmaking. She committed herself to document and film the Tunisian life. In 2012, she directed the feature-length documentary Family Album and in 2013, she directed her short documentary My Father’s Facebook. Since then, she dedicated herself to filming the Tunisian railways and made her first feature film, Railway Men. Moreover, she co-directed the feature-length documentary Unspeakable Crime.