MusiKarama - Sadek Democratoz and Elgana project

Building on our commitment of hosting alternative music gigs that are loyal to the values of human rights, that we hold as truths. 

Karama HRFF’s 11th edition presents Sadek Democratoz and Elgana project!

"After my big concert tour in the USA in late 2016, I was very frustrated that I had not played more of the music that represented my identity and my roots. For my music to remain eternal I took the time to write well and research my culture and the traditions of my country; Afrcian music is simple and complex at the same time, that is its magic. In order to nurture this project, I created the ElGhana Project, which is the fruit of an experience of encounter and exchange with many musicians from all over the world. Today ELGHANA project is made up of three new musicians, Shingo from Japan, Salam from Syria, Karim from Germany."