Director: Ali Shahmohammadi  Producer:  DOCNOMADS and ZIGGURAT FILM  Sound:  Michel oquette  
Cast : Iman Hamidi, Ahmad Tavakoli

An Iranian movie making student in Brussels, looks Legrand tram station in his way every day. The “Legrand”, brings bitter childhood memories to his mind.

Director's Bio:
Ali Shahmohammadi is an Independent film maker, who founded his own film production company (Ziggurat Film Production) since 2015. An awarded director (18 feature, mid length and short films, Documentary and Fiction), Screenwriter (48 Screenplays and synopsis), Film editor (2 feature films and 2 documentary series), Independent producer (10 documentary and 3 short fiction films), Social and journalism Photographer (Since 1995). A member of Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (Khaneh Cinema), Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association and also Association of Iranian Documentary Producers. An experienced teacher of Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Film editing and photography at faculty of cinema and theater. An awarded 4 international prizes for his films (One Gold Remi Award and Three Silver Remi Awards from Houston International film festival in 2009 and 2010). A graduated in dramatic literature at master degree A+ graduated in film directing at master degree and graduated in English language at BA. A Drama, Cinema and Humanities field researcher.