Youth Forum - Identity and the City

The five year project entitled “Identity and the City” is aiming to support artists in different states of their careers; with the goal of getting them out of an artistically-isolated state and finding a semiotic and actionable language that connects them to their cities. The overall objective of the project is to create an active community of artists that are able to formulate creative initiatives and work towards social change.

Ma3mal 612 will launch “The Hub”; a creative incubator that will provide a space for youth to work collectively. “The Hub” aims to become a central meeting point through which different tools like workshops, capacity building trainings and networking activities will take place, in order to create a fertile environment for social interventions and creative initiatives to bloom.

Identity and The City is a contemplation on defining an artistic identity as a general framework; as an attempt to shape a unique cultural, social and artistic relationship between the citizen and the city. A vital and mandatory relationship for a homogenous productive society to exist; We believe that the city is an inspirational space that is filled with stories of places and people, who have concerns, visions and histories to be voiced, recreated and represented.