Identity and the City Workshops

Youth Forum:
Organized by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory within the program of Identity and the city funded by DROSOS foundation, Films productions supported by IMS (International Media Support)
As one of Karama HRFF’s parallel activities, we seek to provide a platform for the formation of networks and collectives amongst Jordan based thinkers, activists, cultural managers and artists. Within the program of identity and the city the youth forum is hosting the outcome of two workshops; the film workshop and the audio design workshop. It is a celebration and a showcase for the young artists who’s projects were involved in this mentor-ship for a duration of three months. The workshop incubated projects by15 young filmmakers and audio designers, it also involved teaching and mentoring technical tools for both disciplines. The outcome was seven short films and four audio projects.
The films were produced and creatively edited with the support of IMS (International Media Support) which made it possible to create a film package entitled: Contemplations 19