El Remanso

Written and Directed by: Sebastián Valencia Muñoz  DOP: Mauricio Vidal  Sound: Carlos Daniel Segovia  Art Director: Gabriel Posada  Producers: Sebastián Valencia Muñoz,  Juan Pablo Bedoya, Rodrigo Ramos Estrada  Cast: Martha Isabel Álvarez, Helder de Jesús Carmona, Yesica Dayana Grisales,  Helder Vélez Orrego  

Hoping for a new job, a family of wandering peasants settles in El Remanso, a country house in ruins full of brushwood where the tracks of an atrocious past are visible. In their first night at the house, in the middle of an atmosphere full of violence, the family expects with anxiety the upcoming peace of the dawn.

Director's Bio: 
Sebastian Valencia Muñoz. Born in Pereira (Colombia) in 1987. Studied media communication and philosophy at the Javeriana University. Selected for the 14° Berlinale Talents Buenos Aires. He has directed the following short films MAÑANA PIENSA EN MÍ (2006) Nuevos Creadores FICCI47, LA TRANSEÚNTE (2007) Bogoshorts 2007, UN DÍA VOLVERÁS (2013) Panorama Bogoshorts 2013, FECRECCAS 2016. He recently completed the short films MONTAÑAS (2018) and EL REMANSO (2019) –both winners of the FDC award (Proimágenes Colombia). They are currently in the promotional stage. Director of photography of the feature film/ documentary HOMBRES SOLOS (Francisco Schmitt, 2015) 37 Habana film festival, FICCI55, the fictional short film LOS ASESINOS (Rodrigo Dimaté, 2013), Clermont Ferrand 2013. He currently works in the pre-production of the film ZARZAL – winner of the FDC award (Proimágenes Colombia).