Documentary Films Award Jury Member


Born in  Munich, Germany. After  concluding  studies  of   Sociology and Communication Sciences  in Munich  and Berlin  University she worked  as  a journalist for several newspapers in Germany  and  for  the US radical magazine  “Ramparts” having got ìnvolved in the Civil  Rights movement  during a research trip to  the American South.

In 1967 she started  to  write  features for television (New York-Urbs Ultima,1967/8; film portraits of Bernardo Bertolucci, the Taviani brothers, Cesare Zavattini a.o.). From 1970-72  assistant director  to  the avantguarde theatre and film director Carmelo Bene (“Salome”)  and  since 1972  independent filmmaker and producer. For her  documentaries “Chile ‘72” and “The factory is where the workers are” on the  occupied  LIP-watch-factory  , "Magliana" housing struggle in Rome, strikes of immigrant workers at the  Ford factory  in Cologne and the BMW factory (Munich)  she also did her own camera work and editing(1971-75)

In the context of growing anti-arab  tensions  around ’74, she left  film-making aside for a while and gave the priority  to  political and cultural  engagement against  racism, setting up  a  multinational  bookshop  for immigrant workers in Cologne (Germany), distributing literature and progressive newspapers (unavailable  otherwise) in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Spanish and  Italian.

Between  1977 and 1982 she made a number of films - as author,director and producer - in cooperation with the  Palestinian  Cinema Institution  and the Information Dept.of the PRCS (Palestine Red Crescent Society)

in Beirut.

Among those:  

- “Palestine Red Crescent” on the social and humanitarian infrastructure and the  public health services 

provided for the  population of the  camps in Lebanon  (1978) 

- “Children of Palestine” (1979).

- “ The Fifth War” with Vanessa Redgrave; co-directed with Samir Nimer (1980).

- “Born out of Death” 1981.

- “Why?” on the siege of Beirut  in 1982.

- “War Lab” on regional wars as a test field for  arms industry (1984)

- “Listen!” on  daily life live under Israeli occupation (1985).

- “Palestine in Flames” on the  historical-political background of  the 1° Intifada (1988/89 and

- "Yom alArd" ,filmed in 1981 and edited and released 2019

All  films won several awards  and participated in  a number of International  Film Festivals such  as:

 Bilbao, Cairo, Carthage, Cannes Fifa, Cracow, Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Lille, Moscow, Oberhausen, San Francisco, Tampere, Tashkent, Toronto.

Most films were distributed internationally.

From 1994/96 she lectured and coordinated  the  production  of graduate films at the International School  of  Film and TV (EICTV)  in San Antonio de Los Banos, La Habana, Cuba, founded by a.o. Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Fernando Birri in 1986.

She lives in  Rome, Italy, where she continues lecturing  and working as  curator and consultant for several  film-shows  on the Middle East- such as “Al ARD” in Sardinia , ”Roads to Peace” in Pescara/Teramo ,“Le regard de Handala” in Rome ,"Cinema without Rights"in  Venice and Mestre.

Throughout the 90ies she cooperated with the International Documentary Film Festival in Leipzig, Germany.

 She is a  member of the Board of the  AAMOD  (Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico)  the Archive of the Working class and Democratic Movement in Rome ,

where she curated  for 7 years the  monthly  CINEFORUM  PALESTINA.