Cinema in Education - Seminar

The Cinema in Education project: to advance a gender-responsive film sector in The Maghreb region - the Levant.

About the Project:

Cinema in Education (CIE) is a project that is implemented in the Maghreb-Mashreq region, in support of film and audiovisual educational institutions. The Projects is working in order to create a systematic approach that introduces a gender sensitive and responsive ideological framework for audiovisual teachings and production.

The methodology of the project integrates formal and informal education, advocacy and curriculum writing, with a heavy focus on young creators and audiences.

 The process of implementation is as follows; A drafting committee of professors, in Jordan and Morocco, collectively create gender responsive curricula, followed by a nuanced validation process and experimental implementation in film and art institutes. During the validation process, round tables with professors and professionals are set up to integrate feedback and development into the project. 

The final curricula will be distributed to several universities and audiovisual school around the MENA region for implementation

A project by Ma3mal612 Think Factory and ARMCDH: The Association of Mediterranean Meetings of Cinema and Human Rights. Funded by UNESCO and the European Union within the regional Med Film program.