Broken Roots

Broken Roots is a projection of the emotional status for a 10-year-old Adham, who feels a void inside him that looks like a single black tree in the middle of a desert. He tries to fill this void by drawing and hanging these expressive drawings with no one to notice them. The only color he knows is black although his room is filled with colorful boxes of presents that can inspire him, but these gifts are not what he is asking for.

Directors Bio:
Asim Tareq: (born in 1998 in Amman, Jordan) - Director, motion designer, 3D animator ,compositor & modeler)
Sarah Elzayat: (born in 1998 in Gharbia, Egypt) - character designer, concept artist & 2D animator.
Both graduated with a BA of animation and multimedia from Petra University in Amman, Jordan and worked together in directing and creating ‘Broken Roots’ short animated film. The two of them had a previous experience in working together in different projects - college & commercial ones - such as Karama’s film festival’s opening and several motion graphics.