A short film tells the story of a civics teacher called Essam. Essam teaches in the classroom as usual, until one of the students asks him about the term democracy. He ignores his question. By the end of the lesson Essam asks his students to write things that bother them and they want to change at school. As Essam distributes the papers to the students and then reads them, he goes to the corner of the classroom and tears all the papers. He throws them into the dustbin. Eventually, he looks at his student and says to him with a smile; “This is democracy”; and the bell rings to finish the lesson.

Director's Bio:

Waleed Zedaney was born in June 15, 1992, Tamra. He is a director; has participated in many short films, including those who won international prizes in Short Film Competitions-Orshena short film, win Award of Excellence - indie festival california 2016. Zedany also wrote scripts for commercial advertisements, and participated in filming television programs (Editting - Camera Man). He studied film directing in D&B academy Turkey.