Baghdad Photographer

Written and Directed: Mejd Hameed  DOP: Bayan Nabeel    Music: Zaydon Huseen  Cast: Alla Najim, Ayad Altaye, Labwa Salih, Mohanad Sattar

The film discusses the wars that have been taken place in Iraq and their reflection on the society represented by the family which is the base of the society. No victory in the war, the killing and loss that is caused by these wars generate more tragedies in a continuous series of disasters, resulting in broken families, more orphans with no clear future in the shadow of a continuing cycle of war that passes from generation to generation in a futile way.

Director's Bio:
Born in Baghdad in 1981 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Baghdad. Member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, Member of the Union of Iraqi Dramas; and member of the National Band of Representation, writer, director and actor. I have many film participations as: the film  Ahrar (writer and director), Film Baghdad photographer (writer and director), Film Smile Again (Actor),film  Goodbye  Nineveh (Actor), film Zero Hour (writer and actor);and Mesopotamia  film as (actor).