Must Meet Meeting

The "Must Meet Meeting" organized by the Karama Human Rights Film Festival for its 14th edition is a significant initiative that brings together professionals in the cinematic, human rights, and documentary film fields. This roundtable discussion aims to address the institutionalization of cinematic, cultural, and artistic work to counteract what is perceived as Israeli propaganda and to enhance the effectiveness of boycott and isolation efforts on both the Arab and global levels.

Key Objectives of the "Must Meet Meeting":

Examine Institutionalization: The meeting seeks to examine how institutions within the cinematic, cultural, and artistic realms can work together to counteract narratives perceived as Israeli propaganda. This involves discussing strategies to isolate representatives and supporters of such narratives.

Discuss Boycott and Isolation Efforts: The meeting is essential for discussing and strategizing ways to enhance the effectiveness of boycott and isolation efforts. This includes exploring mechanisms to raise awareness and mobilize support for the cause on both regional and global scales.

Activate Documentary Films: The discussion aims to explore the role of documentary films in presenting legal documents related to genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes allegedly committed by Israel and its supporters. This involves discussing how documentaries can serve as powerful tools to convey the realities faced by the Palestinian people.

Collaborate with Film Festivals and Producers: The meeting is an opportunity for collaboration among film festivals, producers, and independent directors. The goal is to collectively work towards isolating what is considered adverse propaganda and its supporters across various dimensions, including cinematic, academic, cultural, and economic realms.

Accurate Labeling of Core Issues: The meeting emphasizes the importance of accurately labeling the core issues at hand. This involves discussing and establishing a clear narrative that counters what is perceived as propaganda and addresses the underlying human rights concerns in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

By convening professionals from various fields, this "Must Meet Meeting" aims to foster collaboration, share expertise, and develop strategies to counteract narratives deemed detrimental to the cause of human rights in the region. It reflects a broader effort to use the medium of film and cultural initiatives to bring attention to alleged human rights violations and advocate for change.