Festival Theme: Generation Karama - Think Forward

Karma 10th edition celebrates a generation of artists, activists and powerful minds who are aware, engaged and committed to human rights values in our region. We celebrate their achievements and their continuous relentless efforts towards shaping a more equitable and righteous world. 

In line with this year’s United Nations theme; “Youth Standing Up For Human Rights”, we make way for the vital leadership role of this generation, as they take charge of much-needed change on some of the most pressing global challenges of the modern world. Through curiosity, dedication, and determined work: there is an inspired collective voice taking a firm stand against racism, hate speech, Gender Based Violence, discrimination, while taking on climate change, economic injustice and a plethora of socio-political issues.

Throughout these 10 years and the years to come, the Karama Human Rights Film Festival’s movement continues to be an open platform for creative critical voices to explore what matters to them, as they collaborate to imagine and implement work toward the future they want and deserve.